Services and Products

THESS develops and/or markets hardware and software ICT products, which either aim at directly improving the quality of life of its individual customers or are used by its enterprise customers which share the same mission.

Computational and applied electromagnetics

THESS specializes in the exposure assessment (theoretical through computer calculations and experimental through measurements) of humans to the electromagnetic fields in the environment or from specific telecommunication devices, for safety and pre-compliance purposes.


THESS has, also, worked in the assessment of the MR-safety for several implants (pacemakers, cochlear etc.) during examination in various MRI scanners. The incident field conditions were calculated for a variety of human models in various positions within the scanners, along clinically relevant lead trajectories. In addition, in- and ex-vivo thermal models of the electrode in tissue were developed for the final expected temperature rise to be calculated.

Computational Life Sciences

The personnel of THESS has wide experience in the creation and handling of 3D computational models of humans, used in simulations of biophysical and physiological processes. High – Resolution MR-imaging Data (Basic T1 and T2 MRI scans) are segmented to create enhanced HR whole-body human models with anatomical detail and accuracy. These models can be used for scientific purposes, e.g. to study electromagnetic exposure.

Solvers and tools

THESS also specializes in the development of solvers for the respective numerical calculations, as well as postprocessing and visualization of their results. We are also capable of creating tools for commercial electromagnetic simulation platforms in order to model RF elements such as filters, antennas and matching circuits.

Microwave Ablation

Microwave ablation (MWA) is a minimally invasive, thermal-based technique used in treating hepatocellular carcinoma. By employing the FDTD method we have modelled and studied several clinically relevant scenarios, aimed to quantify the characteristics (dimensions and shape) of the ablation zones. Such information can aid in patient-specific pre-treatment planning. In specific, coaxial antennas of different designs (single- vs double-slot, various slot-to-tip distances and slot sizes) have been modeled and their performance was compared.

Mobile applications

THESS designs and creates applications for smartphones and tablets which are running either iOS or Android operating systems. In particular we have already designed both scientific and commercial applications. TissueProp: This application calculates the dielectric properties (permittivity and conductivity) for human tissues in a wide frequency range. Anthemus: Information and services about the World-Class Destination Hotel "Anthemus Sea Beach Hotel & Spa"